Pregnancy laughs-the ugly truth.

This will be a series of posts, there is way too much to be said.

On the first trimester of pregnancy my true love gave to me-a hospital bed and an IV.

My morning sickness was so bad at one point that I was in a hospital for six hours hooked up to an IV. Glad that’s overwith.

I hate the women who talk about the beauty of pregnancy, the tears of happiness, the rays of sunbshine. HA. They probably just don’t want to admit that their gas can make someone throw up. Or that their boobs have got so ginormous that they now have national geographic nipples. Or that black lacie somethings’ have turned into white tents and super padded full coverage boulder-holders. Or that vomit sprays from your mouth like the exorcist, and prenatals turn your piss a pretty shade of neon. Or that you’re so constipated that you mistake your baby bump for bloat. Or that your hair is greasy, skin is blotchy, and body hair goes quicker (this is one section I lucked out on)

I could go on, it’s fun. And if you have been/are pregnant, you are laughing knowing it’s the sad and disgusting truth. If you want to get pregnant, you might be nervous, and if you aren’t pregnant you are probably thinking we are disgusting.

I do find a good amount of pregnancy disturbing. I have to see so many tubes of my blood every month. I’ve gotten so many shots and I’ve had so much blood drawn that I look tired and mangled.

They want us to drink a gallon of water a day, but even 5 cups a day has us pissing every 30 minutes and all night. They want us to eat fruits and vegetables all day which makes the shit explode. And in the first trimester, the things you love make you sick.

I watched my favorite foods become my enemies, and said goodbye to anything spicy or alcoholic. I watched my greatest addiction (coffee) drift away as my $150 brewer collected dust. This human can not only have one cup a day.

I watched friends dissapear and let new ones enter.

But all of this is simple to say goodbye to compared to the love I have for this squishy pink thing growing inside of me.



About natuhhleee

I'm learning to be honest with myself, and others. So please tread lightly. I'm 20, pregnant with my first, and have been married to my wonderful husband who is in the Air Force for more than two years now. I used to drink, smoke, and party most of every week, but I've been sober since getting knocked up (of course), and I feel my best. I am learning to accept myself as well as others, and get my life organized. I will say nothing but the truth, I owe it to myself. The military sent us to Okinawa, which I will be mentioning a lot. A small island close to Japan. The weather is tropical, and I live a 30 second walk from a perfect, not busy beach. We have one more year here before we go back stateside on June 2013. Although I love it here, I miss my family more than anything. I have two sweet rescue mutts that I love to death, the are my first children.
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