To lighten things up.

I will start with my husband.

I have a lot of things in common with my husband. Well, who doesn’t. That’s what marriage is all about. Music brought us together when we first met, over four years ago. The band A Skylit Drive in particular, but then dozens of others.

We have a lot of things in common. Like video games. Mainly COD which turns out I’m better than him at a good amount of time 😛 We both knew that we wanted a dog. We wanted her bad enough that we adopted her before we even had a house. Well only a couple of days, but still enough of a struggle.

 He knew that I wanted a career, school, and a good life.

He joined the military and gave all of that to me, under the terms that I deal with the military lifestyle, moving every minute, and stuck up military wives. I kindly accepted, I love him.

And turns out not all military wives are stuck up.

Things I didn’t know before we moved in together.

  • His gas could stink up an entire house in three seconds.
  • Groceries are never enough, we spend a good $500/month. He eats up everything (mind you, he weighs 160.)
  • Dirty sock and underwear trail from the stairs to the living room every time he gets off work.
  • Boogers flicked and chewed nails on the floor.
  • Extreme sleep twitching, and sleeping with the eyes half open, and sleeping taking up the whole bed.

I could go on, but I won’t. If you are reading this babe, I apologize and still love you no matter the yuckies.

I never thought marriage could be so fun. I always heard the horror stories, especially in the military. But I am still as in love with my man since the day I met him. We rarely ever fight, and when we do it’s usually because my pregnant ass wants McDonald’s, and he wants Popeye’s. Or he wants to play COD, and I want to watch TV. People say if you don’t fight, you’re not normal. And fighting is healthy. Uh, false. Maybe arguing and coming to an understanding is healthy, but fighting every day over stupid shit is not.

Since I got knocked up, I look like shit a lot. And he still kisses my forehead and tells me I’m beautiful. He massages the knots out of my lower back, and rubs oil on the protective layer of stomach fat pregnancy has graced me with. He holds me on Friday and Saturday nights that used to be spent partying and wasting away. Turns out a lot of people flaked out when I became pregnant, and I became the no fun pregnant friend. I’ll get to that later. Bottom line, everyone deserves a love like that.

I lucked out in the love department, I guess.


About natuhhleee

I'm learning to be honest with myself, and others. So please tread lightly. I'm 20, pregnant with my first, and have been married to my wonderful husband who is in the Air Force for more than two years now. I used to drink, smoke, and party most of every week, but I've been sober since getting knocked up (of course), and I feel my best. I am learning to accept myself as well as others, and get my life organized. I will say nothing but the truth, I owe it to myself. The military sent us to Okinawa, which I will be mentioning a lot. A small island close to Japan. The weather is tropical, and I live a 30 second walk from a perfect, not busy beach. We have one more year here before we go back stateside on June 2013. Although I love it here, I miss my family more than anything. I have two sweet rescue mutts that I love to death, the are my first children.
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