What I want to tell a few people but I don’t.

     1.) Don’t fucking ask me to go out clubbing/bar hopping.

This is my biggest problem. You guys are supposed to be my friends. I am pregnant. Pregnant. PREGNANT. I am physically and emotionally exhausted usually by 8:45PM. I will not for 10 months (give or take) be a part of bar hopping or clubbing. We are in Japan. Bars are smoke filled. I can’t fucking be in them. The smell of alcohol makes me want to vomit, which I have mentioned repeatedly. I am not going to be the idiot pregnant woman dancing at a club. Seriously. I understand that you are living a party lifestlye just as I did before I found out. That is FINE. I know you are trying to make me feel included, but just stop already. Being invited to this stuff just in turn makes me feel more upset and alone since I can’t do it.

I will go to your house parties for a while to mingle in a smoke free environment, but that’s it.

I am sick of declining all invites. It makes me feel like the bad person which I’m not. So please do me a favor by either being a real friend and planning an alcohol free day at the beach or shopping spree with me and stop inviting me to shit you know I can’t be a part of. I’m not trying to sound selfish, it’s just seriously all I can do…

     2.) If you are Mike’s friend, stop asking him out.

If you are reading this, you probably just thought to yourself “WTF bitch.”

Just, hear me out. You need to understand, that you are all single. Mike doesn’t hang out with any married men. I don’t mind him going out, just not fucking right now. And more than anything I’m sick of comments like “Are you gonna let him go out tonight???” and “COME ON just give him a kitchen pass!!!”

I am fucking sick of you putting me on the spot like that and making me look like a bitch wife.

He has a family. He is married. His wife is pregnant. Not only that, but we are both going through a very, very rough time right now with not knowing if the baby is healthy or not. I am a fucking mess and since all my friends DROPPED like fucking flies, all I have is him. Please, just stop for now. I need my husband right now to myself, the bars can wait. He works 60 hours a week already which I can barely handle and he gets to party with you for a month straight when he’s TDY every couple months.

So just listen, do me a favor, and leave us alone for now. No drunk calls at 2am, no ringing our doorbell and just showing up, no wasting my fucking time texting me demanding I let him join you at a bar or strip club, and NEVER fucking show up at my house at 4am, waking my pregnant ass up, making my dogs wake up the whole neighborhood, just because you are shitfaced and need a place to crash.

With that said, when shit clears up with my pregnancy problems and I can relax and seperate myself from him a little, he can go party. But right now he is my husband, not your wingman. And I need him right now much more than you do.

     3.) QUIT touching my stomach.

I think that about sums it up.

     4.) If you are going to bitch and complain about stupid stuff, at least use grammar and punctuation.

I think this bothers me a lot more than most. I can’t help it. I took four years of journalism in high school and can’t help that my mind is about the same as spell check. If you are going to make a facebook status update and spell shit wrong, fine. But if you are going to complain as WELL as spell shit wrong, I pity you. You had the life option to go to school unlike millions of children around the world. At least make it look like you are proud of it. Another thing that bugs me is double letters. “Omgg I hatee whenn I hear this song it makes mee soo depresseddddddddd 😦 #andthenyoutagabunchofshit”

Seriously I pulled that from my news feed. Time to do some friend cleaning.

Okay, I’m not perfect. But I strive to make the shit I read not difficult.

     5.) Music.

My husband and I are music genuises. So if one of use shows you a band that we’ve loved dearly for years, please don’t play their albums over and over and over and OVER. We’ve heard it all already, and you doing that makes me get sick of the band or song in a heartbeat. You are ruining some of my favorite artists that I showed you by typing lyrics on facebook like an idiot, posting videos on facebook like an idiot. and talking to me about them like I don’t know who they are….like an idiot.

Petty, I know. It’s just so damn annoying.


There’s so much more. I’m just tired and irritated now from venting. To be continued.




About natuhhleee

I'm learning to be honest with myself, and others. So please tread lightly. I'm 20, pregnant with my first, and have been married to my wonderful husband who is in the Air Force for more than two years now. I used to drink, smoke, and party most of every week, but I've been sober since getting knocked up (of course), and I feel my best. I am learning to accept myself as well as others, and get my life organized. I will say nothing but the truth, I owe it to myself. The military sent us to Okinawa, which I will be mentioning a lot. A small island close to Japan. The weather is tropical, and I live a 30 second walk from a perfect, not busy beach. We have one more year here before we go back stateside on June 2013. Although I love it here, I miss my family more than anything. I have two sweet rescue mutts that I love to death, the are my first children.
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3 Responses to What I want to tell a few people but I don’t.

  1. Sarah says:

    I think you rock … that is all …

  2. Pete Howorth says:

    This post alone has earnt you another follower.

    Especially : “Omgg I hatee whenn I hear this song it makes mee soo depresseddddddddd 😦 #andthenyoutagabunchofshit”

    I get those on mine too, then I reply “DONT FUCKING LISTEN TO IT THEN!” and I’m suddenly the idiot? Yeah alright.

    Also those status’ that are like “I h8 u, ur a complete bastard and ur gettin whas comin 2 u!”
    Then a friend replies with, “What’s up?” and they reply with “Oh nothing just some personal stuff.”

    If it’s personal don’t announce it to everyone on your friends list! Facebook makes me more angry as the years go on these days.

    I like you, you’re like a female version of me 🙂

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